PBMI Report Confirms Serve You Rx’s High Level of Customer Satisfaction

MILWAUKEE, WI – Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute’s most recent annual PBM Customer Satisfaction Report rated Milwaukee-based Serve You Rx above a number of national competitors in the overall satisfaction category for PBMs with 20 million or fewer members. Although overall PBM satisfaction has been on an incline, Serve You Rx far exceeded the average of 7.8 with its own score of 9.2.

For each category in which it was assessed, Serve You Rx consistently scored at or far above the average. The areas where Serve You Rx earned its highest scores were “commitment to good customer service,” “no conflict of interest issues,” “mail order pharmacy,” “retail network options,” “formulary management,” “delivery of promised services on specialty medication,” and “financial reporting in the pharmacy benefit.” Serve You Rx never dipped below an 8.3 in any category and scored a 9.0 or above for every category under the Specialty Management Function section.

“It is our mission at Serve You Rx to provide clients and their members with the highest level of customer service and to ensure their PBM experience is as convenient and transparent as possible,” said Serve You Rx  President and CEO Sharon Murillo. “The results from this report demonstrate our willingness to abide by our name’s promise.”

Since 1995, Pharmacy Benefit Management Institute (PBMI) has been an independent research and educational organization that provides resources to assist healthcare stakeholders in making well-informed decisions. The full results of the 2016 PBM Customer Satisfaction Report can be purchased here.