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Serve You owns and operates an in-house mail order service, Serve You DirectRxSM Pharmacy. When you take advantage of mail order, you'll enjoy how quick and easy it is to safely fill prescriptions for generic and brand-name maintenance medications and specialty drugs.

24/7 Ordering with EZRefillRx. After completing a New Prescription & Refill Order Form, you can easily place refill orders through the Member Portal or by phone (800-759-3203).

Free Standard Delivery. Medications are shipped directly to you free of charge (certain specialty medications may require special handling). Orders typically arrive within 10-14 days, so place refills at least two weeks in advance to ensure timely delivery.

Savings. Order up to a 90-day supply of most generic and brand-name maintenance medications often for less than what you would pay for three 30-day refills at a retail pharmacy.

Safe, Confidential Service. Find peace of mind in our 99.9% order accuracy due to multiple quality checkpoints. Orders are also shipped in discreet, tamper-evident, weather-resistant packaging.

Pharmacist Consultation. Our pharmacists are available Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. CST, to consult on prescriptions filled through Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy. In emergency situations, a pharmacist can also be paged regarding your mail order.

Member Assistance. Our customer service representatives are available 364 days a year to answer your questions about mail order, refills and more with one simple call to 800-759-3203.

How to Transfer Your Prescriptons To Mail Order
  • Use the Prescription Transfer Form to easily transfer your current prescriptions from your mail order or local pharmacy to Serve You DirectRx Mail Order Pharmacy. Fax or mail the completed form to Serve You according to the directions on the front of the form. Prescriptions marked "Fill" and accompanied with payment will be processed. If you have questions, please contact Serve You's Member & Provider Services at 800-759-3203.

How to Place Your Mail Order
First-Time Orders
  1. For new or current prescriptions you would like to start filling through Serve You DirectRx Pharmacy, ask your doctor to write a prescription for the maximum days supply allowed by your plan (plus any refills) and have them call it in to 800-759-3203 or fax 866-494-0364.
  2. You must complete the New Prescription & Refill Order Form when placing your first-time order for Serve You to keep on file. Also complete the patient information sections for a spouse or other covered family member(s) who may submit prescriptions in the future.
  3. Mail your completed form, the original written prescription (unless it was called in or faxed) and the applicable copay. Serve You accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, personal check or money order as payment.
Refill Orders
Orders typically arrive within 10-14 days, so place refills at least two weeks in advance to ensure timely delivery. You can place refill orders through EZRefillRx on the Member Portal, by phone (800-759-3203) or mail.

If reordering by mail, complete the New Prescription & Refill Order Form and send to:
Serve You - Custom Prescription Management
P.O. Box 26096
Milwaukee, WI 53226

An invoice, reorder form, envelope, and detailed drug monograph explaining the medication and possible side effects are included with every order shipped. Completion of health history is not required unless it has changed since your last order.

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